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Name:Saul Harel Navidson
Birthdate:Oct 28
Location:United States of America
A while back, Howard Stark hit a new emotional low and peak drunkenness. In a bid to regain his friends and life as he knew it before the glory days were over, he began making holograms of all his loved ones. This incredibly creepy procedure was halted by the first of his creations, Saul. Saul was not Steve from the outset, and never really could be. What he was, however, was a loyal friend who helped restore Howard's sanity by acting as a confidant and companion to the genius as his life went on.

Although very sweet and kind, and somewhat dorky, Saul is much less emotional or intense than Steve, and lacks many of the awe inspiring heroic traits that made Steve who he was; it's hard to be brave or radical or daring when running on a limited power source. He is a hard light hologram, meaning he can be touched, but he is almost entirely confined to the indoors except for emergencies or brief reprieves that can last no longer than four hours at a stretch. This has led to more of a bookish personality than the original Steve as well as considerable negative feelings over being stuck inside, which accidentally dovetailed into his fascination with art, although his tools of the trade are computer programs (don't get him talking about glitch art's merits or lack thereof). For the most part, he resides in whatever place can house his servers and portable projector, with a longstanding lack of control over that and many other aspects of his life having given him some considerable trust and self-assertion issues. Though not strictly speaking considered a person in the eyes of the law, Saul is fully sentient and self-aware, and finds remarks to the contrary to be hurtful, although he does his best to be polite about voicing that.

Saul greatly admires Steve, but he refuses to be used as a holographic spy or assassin on the grounds that unlike his human basis, he has no way of knowing he's on the right side. Information can be retconned into his programming if he weren't cautious about letting people in, and as a result he spends most of his time offline or literally on the internet browsing information and being fascinated by humanity.
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